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Star Wars Inside Intel: Jedi of the High Republic

Star Wars Inside Intel is a feature where Lucasfilm Story Group member Emily Shkoukani, whose job is to know as much about a galaxy far, far away as possible, explores obscure facts about Star Wars lore and continuity. In this installment, Emily looks back at the height of the Jedi Order…

In 1977, Star Wars introduced audiences to the concept of Jedi: laser-sword wielding guardians of peace and justice who called upon an energy field for unbelievable power. Although the original trilogy featured few of these fabled warriors, it teased of a time when the Jedi were plentiful. While the prequel trilogy showed audiences the Jedi Order and its downfall, the Star Wars: The High Republic initiative, set centuries prior to the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,

Inside Star Wars: Visions: Meet the Villains

Star Wars is going to a new galaxy of storytelling. Star Wars: Visions, an anime anthology featuring nine shorts from some of the world’s best anime creators, is set to debut September 22 on Disney+. With Inside Star Wars: Visions, will pull back the curtain on the series for exclusive early insights into what might await us. In this installment, finds out about some of the starring villains.

To become the hero they were meant to be, the protagonists of the new anthology series, Star Wars: Visions, must face an array of dark side disciples and Sith villains on their quests.

The unique take on Star Wars storytelling includes never-before-seen expressions of lightsabers and weaponized armor designed by the foremost minds in the world of anime. Recently, sat down with

The Mandalorian Wins Seven Emmy Awards

The Mandalorian‘s critically-acclaimed second season has been honored with seven awards in the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremonies. In advance of the 73rd Emmy Awards coming later this week, The Mandalorian has thus far taken home awards in the following categories:

Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Season or a Movie Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour) — (Chapter 13: The Jedi) Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-camera Series (Half-hour) — (Chapter 15: The Believer) Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score) — (Chapter 16: The Rescue) Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup — (Chapter 13: The Jedi) Outstanding Stunt Coordination Outstanding Stunt Performance

The Disney+ Original Series, created by Jon Favreau, has received a total of 24 nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Qi’ra’s Story Continues in Crimson Reign, and More in Marvel’s December 2021 Star Wars Comics – Exclusive

Qi’ra made her play in Marvel’s War of the Bounty Hunters crossover. Now she’s looking to win.

Star Wars: Crimson Reign #1 will kick off the middle chapter a of a trilogy that started with War of the Bounty Hunters, continuing the story of Qi’ra and the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate. You can check out several covers and the official synopsis of the issue below, as well as other Marvel Star Wars titles coming December 2021, including Star Wars: The High Republic: Trail of Shadows #3, Star Wars: The High Republic #12, Star Wars #20, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #17, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #19, and Star Wars: Darth Vader #19. Punch it!



Inside Star Wars: Visions: Meet the Heroes

Star Wars is going to a new galaxy of storytelling. Star Wars: Visions, an anime anthology featuring nine shorts from some of the world’s best anime creators, is set to debut September 22 on Disney+. With Inside Star Wars: Visions, will pull back the curtain on the series for exclusive early insights into what might await us. In this installment, finds out about some of the starring heroes.

When it comes to Star Wars: Visions, you must unlearn what you have learned.

Visions will present unique takes on the Star Wars galaxy from some of the anime world’s greatest talents — and with these visionary stories come all-new heroes. Some are similar to those we know yet just a little different, others seem like they’re from a galaxy

10 of the Best Star Wars Video Game Characters

It’s no secret many of Star Wars’ most popular characters spawned from the iconic saga’s films and series. But as video game fans of the galaxy far, far away are well aware, the interactive entertainment medium has also contributed its fair share of memorable faces to the franchise George Lucas created over 40 years ago.

In fact, with dozens upon dozens of games spanning four decades and introducing hundreds of characters, you’d have better luck grooming a Wookiee than picking a favorite among all those pixels and polygons. Still, with National Video Game Day upon us on September 12, attempted to narrow all those Jedi, Sith, droids, and aliens down to a digestible list of 10. (Plus, it served as a perfect excuse to replay our favorite Star Wars

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Strikes Back with New Remake

There are some video games that seem to change everything. Their genre, the art form, what we think a game could be. Orion Kellogg, executive producer at Lucasfilm Games, and Ryan Treadwell, lead producer at Aspyr, consider Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (known to fans as KOTOR) among those rare works.

“I was a big RPG fan growing up. I started on the Apple IIC and played all the BioWare games. It wasn’t until I started playing KOTOR that I really understood how cinematic they could be,” Kellogg tells “When I first put in KOTOR and saw that the camera was pulled down to ground level and I could look up at the skyscrapers of Taris, I really felt that I’d been put in the world in

The Rock Weaver Attacks in IDW’s The Monster of Temple Peak #2 – Exclusive Preview

Ty Yorrick is not a Jedi. But with a face full of rock weaver webbing blocking her ability to breathe she’s willing to try anything to survive the day.

In’s exclusive preview of IDW’s Star Wars: The High Republic: The Monster of Temple Peak issue #2, the monster hunter chases her quarry to the den of a spider-like beast in the hopes of finding some answers. The first original graphic novel from the era of Star Wars: The High Republic, written by Cavan Scott with art by Rachael Stott, will be released in four epic monthly installments from IDW, with the second issue available September 15 in digital form and at your local comic book shop.

Visit Lucasfilm’s official hub for all things Star Wars: The High Republic at

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Funko Pop!-Inspired Grogu Balloon Will Fly at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Grogu is back. And he’s a lot bigger than he used to be.

Funko and Macy’s, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, announced today that Grogu, our favorite mysterious, adorable, and tiny Force-sensitive being from The Mandalorian, will debut as a massive Funko Pop!-inspired balloon at the 2021 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 25. An original design by Funko art director Reis O’Brien created just for the parade, the balloon brings Grogu to life in the cute Pop! style of collectibles. 

“We’re no strangers to the thrill of translating Star Wars characters into the Pop! form,” O’Brien tells “Thanks to the strong creative relationship with Lucasfilm, we knew we could develop a fun, charming and iconic moment. After a crash course in how the Macy’s balloons are constructed, we started the creative process inspired by everyone’s love for Grogu. His giant ears were

Check Out the Official, Beautiful Star Wars: Visions Poster

The stunning anime styles of every Star Wars: Visions short have come together in one amazing image.

Disney+ released today a new poster celebrating Visions, the upcoming anime anthology series, featuring characters from all nine stories. Against an elegant white background, you can spot the Ronin from “The Duel,” the imposing, dark-armored Am from “The Twins,” and more. Check out the Japanese and English versions below!

Visions arrives September 22 on Disney+, with every episode streaming on launch day. The series features tales that reimagine the Star Wars galaxy from some of the world’s greatest anime studios.

For more on Visions, check out our recap of the Anime Expo panel on the series, watch the vibrant trailer, and stay tuned to

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