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SWTOR 6.0 Medicine Operative PvP Guide by Xelthìa

This is a Complete SWTOR Medicine Operative 6.0+ Guide for PvP. It’s suitable for both beginner players and more advanced and experienced veterans, who seek to improve their performance! Written for by Xelthìa (previously known as Kamiala) UPDATED FOR PATCH 6.1.4 Introduction to Medicine Medicine is a relatively easy to use but hard to […]

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Craft Your Own IG-11 This Hanukkah With a DIY Dreidel

The moment IG-11 leaps into action in the unforgettable first episode of The Mandalorian, he twists and spins with the grace of a dancer. To honor the assassin-droid-turned-nurse-droid, you can make a spinning dreidel — or a “droidel” in this instance — inspired by his shiny silver countenance this holiday season.

A wooden dreidel and paint are all you need to play a Mandalorian-inspired game this Hanukkah — including the rules of the game below! But first, here’s the how-to to handcraft your very own IG-11. (Kuiil would be proud.)

What You’ll Need

Unfinished wooden dreidel Silver, black, and red acrylic paint Clear matte paint Black paint marker Ruler Pencil Paintbrushes

Get Started!

Step 1: Begin by painting the entire dreidel with the silver paint. Let

Quiz: Can You Guess the Image from The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian, streaming only on Disney+, has brought us into the gritty underworld of the Star Wars galaxy. And through the live-action series, we’ve met heroes like Din Djarin and Cobb Vanth, seen new vehicles like the Razor Crest, and encountered creatures like (*gulp*) ice spiders. But how well do you really know the series? wants to test your expertise, with a twist: See how quickly you can decipher the scrambled images from The Mandalorian in the quiz below! Are you quick on the draw like Mando? Let’s find out. All Star Wars, all the time.

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See the Cover Art for Star Wars: The High Republic: The Rising Storm – Exclusive Reveal

A new novel from Cavan Scott available next summer will build on the heroic Jedi and the nefarious Nihil debuting in Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi.

Star Wars: The High Republic: The Rising Storm, available on July 6, 2021, is the second adult novel in the new era of Star Wars storytelling. “Writing a Star Wars novel is always an honor, and this has been no different. It’s a responsibility I never take lightly, especially while opening up a new era in Star Wars storytelling such as the High Republic,” Scott says of the experience alongside authors Soule, Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, and Daniel José Older.

Although not a direct sequel, Scott says his story will add to the events in Soule’s novel, the first in a series of books and

SWTOR Nature of Progress Veteran Mode Operation Guide

A complete guide to SWTOR’s Nature of Progress Operation on Dxun in Veteran Mode. Learn about every mechanic of every boss encounter and find out the best working strategies to defeat them Created for by Elssha This is a very thorough guide explaining every last detail you need to know about the Operation. Please […]

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How Hasbro Forged the Amazing Darth Revan Force FX Elite Lightsaber

Lightsaber toys have been part of the Star Wars story since the original trilogy. I have memories of running around my backyard in Brooklyn (yes, a tree grows in Brooklyn) in the early ‘80s, dueling friends with Kenner’s Jedi weapons. I can still hear the distinct wurr they made — just utilizing the wind, no electronics — by waving them back and forth. In those moments, I was a Jedi.

Well, at-home lightsabers have come a long way since then. Hasbro has continually advanced what’s possible in a roleplay lightsaber, from sounds to colors, and the recently released Darth Revan Force FX Elite Lightsaber reflects this. Inspired by the lightsaber of the hugely popular character from the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game, the collectible features an LED-powered blade that

You’re the Mandalorian’s New Target Thanks to the Star Wars App’s Selfie Feature

The Star Wars app recently released two new upgrades that fans of Mandalorian beskar and LEGO bricks are sure to love.

The Selfie feature welcomes an update of which bounty hunters will make good use: holopucks! Inspired by the tech seen in The Mandalorian, this new Selfie backdrop will make you look like the galaxy’s most wanted. Just be careful — hunters can bring you in warm, or they can bring you in cold.

Also, some holiday cheer comes to the Star Wars app with new Stickers inspired by the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Choose from Rey, ugly-holiday-sweater Poe Dameron, a joyful Lando Calrissian, and many more to decorate your photos for the most festive time of year. But act fast, as these Stickers will be available

Lucasfilm to Celebrate 50th Anniversary in 2021

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm. The celebration will kick off with commemorative, fan-favorite 50th anniversary Star Wars products. The launch starts in January and will continue throughout the year with special edition product releases.

“Consumer products have always been an integral part of the Star Wars fan experience, and they remain a constant force in pop-culture today,” says Paul Southern, Lucasfilm senior vice president, Licensing and Franchise. “To commemorate Lucasfilm’s 50 years of storytelling, we look forward to honoring this consumer products legacy and bringing to life brand-new products, games, and publishing offerings that celebrate our future with Lucasfilm’s exciting feature films and Disney+ series ahead.”

Lucasfilm was founded in 1971 by George Lucas. Films such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones took the world by storm and