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Answer 10 Questions and We’ll Tell you What Star Wars Movie to Watch Right Now!

Can’t decide which of the 11 Star Wars movies to watch today? Like Jek Porkins, we’ve got you covered. Just answer this quick 10 question quiz and we’ll help you determine the right film to match your current mood. Then the perfect movie night just a click away on Disney+.

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The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special  to Premiere on Disney+

It’s the most wonderful time of the year on Kashyyyk, and LEGO Star Wars fans are invited to journey back to Chewbacca’s homeworld for a Wookiee-sized celebration of the galaxy’s most cheerful and magical holiday — Life Day!

This November, The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, — which premieres on Life Day, November 17, 2020 on Disney+, — will reunite Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewie, Rose and all your favorite droids, from R2-D2 to BB-8, for a joyous feast on Life Day, the holiday first introduced in 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special. The new LEGO special is the first to debut on the streaming platform and will continue the rich longtime collaboration between Lucasfilm and the LEGO Group — playful adventures told in an endearingly irreverent way.

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The Clone Wars Rewatch: Desperate “To Catch a Jedi”

To celebrate the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+, we’re undertaking a full chronological rewatch of the five original seasons, The Lost Missions, and the theatrical release. We’d be honored if you would join us for the weekly #CloneWarsRewatch — you can watch this week’s episode on Disney+ now — and share your thoughts on the award-winning series.

107: “To Catch a Jedi” (Season Five, Episode 19)

“Never become desperate enough to trust the untrustworthy.”


The fugitive Ahsoka escapes to the criminal depths of Coruscant.


“These are strange times,” as Ventress says.

You know Ahsoka Tano is feeling hopeless when she’s prepared to turn to Asajj Ventress for help, but she’s desperate for answers to clear her name.

Even though the Jedi Council believes she may have committed

A Common Enemy Unites Old Friends in Marvel’s Bounty Hunters #4 – Exclusive Preview

Restraining bolts aren’t just for mischievous droids. They also work on cyborgs.

In’s first look at Marvel’s Bounty Hunters #4, the cybernetic Beilert Valance is reunited with T’onga, the human bounty hunter, joining forces as they both try to settle a debt with the leader of their old crew, Nakano Lash. T’onga, who lost her twin brother as a result of Lash’s actions, isn’t taking any chances trusting Valance just because they have a common enemy. And while he readily gives up the name of the planet where Lash is hiding — Ruusan — they aren’t the only people in the galaxy who are hot on Lash’s trail, thanks to Bossk’s loose reptilian lips.

Bounty Hunters #4, from writer Ethan Sacks and artist Paolo Villanelli, with a cover byLee Bermejo, arrives

List of all SWTOR Steam Achievements coming with 6.1.3

BioWare revealed the SWTOR Steam Achievements that will go live on Steam with game update 6.1.3. The full list is available now. All achievements can be earned retro-actively! Last month SWTOR launched on Steam. Shortly before that BioWare hosted a live stream to discuss the game’s Roadmap for second half of 2020 and revealed that […]

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A New Journey Begins in A Test of Courage – Exclusive Excerpt and Interview

As it turns out, the upcoming middle grade novel Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage may just have a secret Force power all its own.

“I think adults tend to get bogged down in our very complex yet somehow mundane daily lives, and one of the best things about kids books is we’re allowed to remember that life was once exciting and a vast, magical mystery. Especially Star Wars books!” says A Test of Courage author Justina Ireland. “Middle grade books are a great way to visit the galaxy for a little while and remember why we all fell in love with Star Wars in the first place. And for kids, it’s a place for them to interact with ideas of character and struggle without the limitations imposed by icky grown-ups.”