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Hera Flies Again: Vanessa Marshall on Returning as the High-Flying Pilot in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

For Vanessa Marshall, it wasn’t even a question. But when the producers of Star Wars: The Bad Batch had an idea to tell an origin story of sorts for Hera Syndulla, who Marshall has voiced for years, they first reached out to see if she’d want to return to the role.

“I got an email asking if I would be interested in doing this,” Marshall says, chuckling. “Of course! I was so blown away to get this email and did not expect it at all. I had no idea what it would look like or how they would present it or in the context of what narrative. I had so many questions.”

Marshall would have to wait to get her answers. As she would find out, though The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch Declassified: 5 Highlights from “Rescue on Ryloth”

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is here, chronicling the adventures of the elite squad Clone Force 99 following the end of the Clone War. In Bad Batch Declassified, we’ll explore our favorite moments from each episode of the series, available only on Disney+. Armor up and join us for the ride.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from the Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode, “Rescue on Ryloth.”

With the Empire cracking down on the people of Ryloth, soldiers on both sides are forced to wrestle with their conscience. On the side of the Imperials, Clone Captain Howzer struggles with turning on a group of people he’d previously sworn to protect. And on the run, Hunter and the Bad Batch must weigh personal risk when a young Twi’lek in need

Quiz: Can You Guess the Characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

You’ve watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars and rewatched it. Now it’s time to test your knowledge of the legion of Star Wars characters from the animated series now on Disney+. How quickly can you decode these scrambled signals and identify the Jedi, bounty hunters, clones, and other characters? Find out when you decipher the images of Star Wars: The Clone Wars characters in the quiz below!

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“Oh, No!” The Rancor May Join The Black Series Via HasLab

The towering hulk of muscle who greeted Luke Skywalker in the shadowy pit beneath Jabba the Hutt’s throne room is poised to make a comeback.

Although bested by the Jedi in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, this morning Hasbro announced plans to bring the sharp-toothed beast into the 6-inch scale Star Wars: The Black Series line if the brand’s next HasLab crowd-funded campaign reaches its target for production.

“Following the success of the previous two HasLab campaigns for Star Wars: The Vintage Collection, our team is so thrilled to offer fans the first-ever HasLab project from The Black Series – the Rancor!” says Michael Ballog, Hasbro’s vice president for the Star Wars brand. “We hope fans of The Black Series line are prepared for this iconic creature to join their

Bad Batch First Look: “Rescue on Ryloth”

With Cham and Eleni Syndulla imprisoned, young Hera must turn to Clone Force 99 and her new friend Omega for help on Ryloth. Check out preview images of the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Rescue on Ryloth,” now streaming on Disney+!

Rocky spires on Ryloth.

Eleni and Cham Syndulla with Gobi Glie.

Clone trooper Howzer.

Howzer and Admiral Rampart.

The Bad Batch with Hera Syndulla.

Eleni and Cham Syndulla.

Hera with the Bad Batch in the Marauder.

Hera Syndulla and Omega.

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Mission to the Hutt Homeworld in Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #6 – Exclusive Preview

On the world of Nal Hutta, young Jedi Farzala is about to put his skills at diplomacy and Huttese to the test.

In’s exclusive preview of IDW Publishing’s Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #6, aboard the Vessel, Jedi Master Obratuk is deep in hibernation. But with the help of the “awesome weirdo pilot” Leox, Farzala may just charm his way into a peaceful negotiation with the notorious crime family.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #6, “Mission to Bilbousa, Part 1” written by Daniel José Older and illustrated by Harvey Tolibao and Pow Rodrix, arrives July 21 and is available for pre-order online now and at your local comic shop.

Visit Lucasfilm’s official hub for all things Star Wars: The High Republic at

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The LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship Strikes Back! – Exclusive Reveal

Battle droids surround vastly outnumbered Jedi in the Geonosis arena. The secret Sith Lord Count Dooku watches from above, demanding surrender. There is little hope for the guardians of peace and justice.

Until a swarm of Republic gunships show up, that is, filled with clone troopers, laying waste to countless battle droids, and even giving Yoda a ride. 

The Republic gunship became an instant fan favorite upon its surprise debut during the climax of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and subsequent appearances in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and now, fans have brought it back. The iconic clone-piloted craft has won a recent fan poll on the LEGO Ideas site — besting two ships by winning 58% of the vote and pulling in over 30,000 votes — and will