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Get Your Fedoras and Whips Ready for a New Indiana Jones Game

Indiana Jones. We always knew, someday, you’d come walking back through our door.

In major news for fans of the cinematic icon, Lucasfilm Games announced today that a new Indiana Jones game will be swinging our way, being developed by the award-winning studio, MachineGames, and executive produced by game industry icon Todd Howard of Bethesda Games Studios. The game will tell a wholly original, standalone tale set at the height of the career of the famed adventurer.

— Bethesda (@bethesda) January 12, 2021

While few details surrounding the Indy game have been revealed, Bethesda Softworks released a cryptic teaser that may hold some clues. Take a look for yourself above and follow @LucasfilmGames and @Bethesda for more information on this title in the future.

Welcome back, Indy.

Put This DIY Boba Fett Tissue Box in the Cargo Hold

Whether you just re-watched the end of The Mandalorian Season 2 or it’s once again allergy season, there will certainly be times you need to reach for a tissue. We’ve got a craft to change those sniffles into a smile when you grab a tissue from the box! Transform an everyday tissue box into a reusable Mandalorian helmet with this how-to inspired by Boba Fett.

What You’ll Need

Square-shaped box of tissues Cardboard box Boba Fett template Dark red and black cardstock paper Forest green, tan, silver, and white acrylic paint Craft knife Scissors Ruler Hot glue gun School glue Paint brushes Paint sponge

Get Started!

Step 1: Begin by cutting four square pieces of cardboard, each 13 centimeters by 13 centimeters.

Step 2: Paint one side

Lucasfilm Games Begins a New Era

Lucasfilm’s legacy in gaming stretches back decades. And with Lucasfilm and the galaxy far, far away entering a new and unprecedented phase of creativity, so will the world of Lucasfilm Games — developed in collaboration with the finest studios across the industry. is thrilled to reveal that Lucasfilm Games is now the official identity for all gaming titles from Lucasfilm, a name that encompasses the company’s rich catalog of video games and its eye toward the future. To mark this new era, Lucasfilm Games has launched social channels on Twitter (@LucasfilmGames) and Facebook (@LucasfilmGames), which will deliver breaking news and more directly to fans. You can watch a special sizzle reel celebrating the history of games from Lucasfilm below; the Lucasfilm Games logo, featured above, will appear in all

SWTOR 6.2.1 PTS: Changes to Amplifiers and Uprisings

BioWare opened up the Public Test Server for SWTOR early in January and introduced the proposed changes to the Amplifiers System and the Uprisings group content. PTS is currently not available for Steam players and may not be for this test session! Please remember that anything you see and hear here is work-in-progress. Things may […]

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9 Underrated Ships and Vehicles in Star Wars

The X-wing. The Imperial Star Destroyer. The AT-AT. The Naboo Royal Starship. The TIE fighter. The speeder bike. And of course, the Millennium Falcon. Nearly all Star Wars fans have a favorite spaceship or vehicle that brings a smile to their faces when they see it on the screen. Whether it’s the iconic shape and sound of the craft, or the connections to their favorite characters, these vessels hold a warm place in our hearts. While the ones listed above may get the rancor’s share of the love, there are a lot of other vehicles from the films that are the favorites of some fans, though they may be underappreciated by many. Let’s take a look at some of these gems that could use more time in the spotlight.