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SWTOR 7.5 Announced: New Story and Spring Event, New Hutta Area and New Companion

Broadsword revealed what SWTOR 7.5 will offer. The game update is titled “Desperate Defiance” and will introduce a new area on Hutta, a new Spring event on Datooine, a new companion, and Cartel Market items. Several members of the SWTOR team over at Broadsword hosted a livestream event on May 1st to announce and preview … Read more

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Comes to a “Spectacular Finish”

After the Season 2 finale of Star Wars: The Batch, Clone Force 99 actor Dee Bradley Baker sat down for an unusual writing assignment: a eulogy for Bad Batch’s fallen soldier, Tech. Penned from the perspective of Echo, two of the many characters Baker has expertly voiced over three seasons of The Bad Batch, seven seasons of The Clone Wars, and countless other shows, the exercise was an essential part of Baker’s process. “The loss of Tech hit everyone hard,” Baker tells “And this was just for myself, Echo writing out how he looks at this. Because Tech got to finish his life in a way that saved the mission and it saved his team. That’s how I frame it for myself, as this heroic and admirable finish to

Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett Look Back on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

With the conclusion of Star Wars: The Bad Batch this week, a journey ends not just for our elite-clone heroes, but also for Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett. Executive producer/supervising director and executive producer/head writer, respectively, Rau and Corbett have shepherded the series since its Star Wars Day 2021 debut on Disney+. Through the adventures of this Star Wars family — Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, Echo, Tech, and the young Omega — they’ve told stories of friendship, loss, and forgiveness, endearing a new cast of characters to a generation of fans in the process. In a wide-ranging mission debrief with, Rau and Corbett discuss the final season’s biggest moments, the dynamic between Crosshair and Omega, and their personal connections to the series finale.

Spoiler warning: This interview discusses plot points and story

Watch the LEGO Fortnite | Star Wars Trailer

The Force and LEGO bricks are strong with Fortnite.

LEGO® Fortnite | Star Wars releases May 3, just in time for Star Wars Day, and we now have our first look. Epic Games, the LEGO Group, and Lucasfilm Games have released a cinematic trailer for the special update, which finds Imperial and rebel fleets arriving in the world of LEGO Fortnite. Watch it below!

The trailer sees our hero encounter Imperial forces before being chased off and pursued. Saved by the rebels, she’s handed a lightsaber, hinting at the adventure to come. (There’s also an unfortunate mishap involving a stormtrooper, making clear that LEGO Star Wars’ irreverent humor will be part of the fun.)

In the LEGO Fortnite | Star Wars update, players can help their rebel friends survive by

SWTOR May the 4th 2024 Happenings

Here’s what’s happening to celebrate May the Fourth in SWTOR! Details remain limited for now, but the pet is available. Star Wars has made a little holiday for itself that’s celebrated on the 4th of May each year. It’s a play on the words “May the Fourth be with you”. SWTOR always participates, usually with … Read more

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First Celebrity Guests Confirmed for Star Wars Celebration Japan 2025

It’s official: the actors behind Boba Fett, C-3PO, and more are heading to Star Wars Celebration Japan next year!

Star Wars icon Anthony Daniels, the only actor to work on all 11 Star Wars feature films, will make an appearance. Daniels notably portrayed C-3PO in all three Skywalker saga trilogies.

Also from live action, Temuera Morrison will be there. Morrison first played Jango Fett and his army of clones in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and has more recently brought Boba Fett back from the (presumed) dead on The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

Lucasfilm’s own Doug Chiang, an Academy Award-winning artist who also serves as senior vice president and executive design director, will be there, too. Recently, Chiang has served as production designer on several Star Wars live-action series, including

LEGO Star Wars Celebrates 25 Years with Charming New Short

Twenty-five years later, the Force is still strong with LEGO Star Wars.

Since 1999, LEGO Star Wars has inspired kids and adults with incredible building sets, smart animated tales, and beloved games. In celebration of its landmark anniversary, the LEGO Group and Lucasfilm have released a charming new LEGO Star Wars short just ahead of Star Wars Day

We knew this quarter-century collaboration needed to be celebrated in a momentous way — something truly special just needed to be built!“ says Josh Rimes, VP of animation development and production at Lucasfilm. „So we looked for moments across all eras, movies, TV shows, and even games to craft with, allowing beloved and iconic characters of the galaxy to all come together in humorous and heartfelt fashion — in a way

Star Wars: Hunters Release Date, Cinematic Trailer Revealed

There’s never been a game set in the galaxy far, far away quite like Star Wars: Hunters. A team-based battle arena shooter from Zynga and Lucasfilm Games, Star Wars: Hunters — arriving June 4 for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, which is excited to reveal — features fast-paced multi-player clashes across maps inspired by classic locales, from Hoth to Endor. But Star Wars: Hunters also introduces a new element to Star Wars storytelling with its brand of arena combat, a form of fight-entertainment; combatants, or “Hunters,” even play their own characters, resulting in ridiculously fun takes on Star Wars archetypes. (Two stacked Jawas in a trench coat? A droid that thinks it’s a Jedi? This is indeed the game we’re looking for.) With the arrival of a new cinematic trailer and pre-registration