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SWTOR 7.5 Hutta Visual Update

Hutta has finally received its visual update with SWTOR 7.5. This article will show you comparison screenshots of Hutta before and after the update. Come take a look and see how much has changed! Hutta’s Visual Update When 7.4 was released, many of the starter worlds received visual updates in the form of updated textures … Read more

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How to Start the Desperate Defiance Story in SWTOR 7.5

This guide will tell you how to unlock the Desperate Defiance story in SWTOR. You’ll also learn how to access the new quests and the new zone on Hutta, the Minboosa District. Requirements to Unlock the Desperate Defiance Story To access the Chains in the Dark Story, you’ll need to pick up the mission “Desperate … Read more

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Watch the Mystery of The Acolyte Unfold in Select Theaters June 3

It’s time to immerse yourself in the golden age of the Jedi.

On June 3, be among the first to see The Acolyte in theaters with a special two-episode screening at select locations. Fans at 26 locations across the United States will have a chance to see the new Star Wars live-action series before it arrives on Disney+ through a special offer at

For a chance to snag your free ticket, visit the official fan event site for more details!

Then get ready for this murder mystery thriller that will usher in an unseen era of Star Wars storytelling on screen — the age of the High Republic, streaming on Disney+ June 4

Who Is Vernestra Rwoh?

In the era of the High Republic, Jedi answered the call to defend the galaxy from vile marauders known as the Nihil. Among their ranks was young Vernestra Rwoh, a Mirialan prodigy who became a Jedi Knight as a teenager. While she wasn’t considered exceptionally powerful, her resolve and utter devotion to the Force made Vernestra stand apart from the other Padawans. By the time of The Acolyte, Vernestra is serving the Order as a Jedi Master and respected elder.

Let’s get to know Vernestra’s story so far before we watch her in her live-action debut in The Acolyte, with the thrilling two-episode premiere on Disney+ June 4.

Behind the Scenes

Vernestra Rwoh made her debut in a galaxy far, far away in the 2021 middle-grade novel Star Wars: The High Republic: A

Phantom at 25 | Ahmed Best on the Creation and Legacy of Jar Jar Binks

Kicking off the highly-anticipated prequel trilogy, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace arrived May 19, 1999. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, presents “Phantom at 25,” a special series of interviews, editorials, and more.

On the day he screen-tested for Jar Jar Binks, Ahmed Best didn’t expect to meet George Lucas. Arriving at Industrial Light & Magic’s (ILM) facility in San Rafael, California, Best was greeted in the main lobby by statues of Han Solo in carbonite and the Energizer Bunny (for which ILM produced commercials). “Everyone knew it was a visual effects house, but I didn’t know how many things were done there,” he tells “ILM runs that gamut. You can be the Energizer Bunny or Han Solo and everything in between. I was really excited walking through there and

The Acolyte Character Posters Debut

The one-week countdown to the two-episode premiere of The Acolyte has begun and the first official character posters from the series have arrived.

Jedi Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) stands ready to defend peace and justice in the galaxy, with his brilliant blue lightsaber ignited. Jedi Master Indara (Carrie-Anne Moss) is strong with the Force, green lightsaber drawn, but lowered. And Padawan Jecki Lon (Dafne Keen) is ready to join the fight. The set also features Mae (Amandla Stenberg), a masked assassin on the hunt for revenge and Jedi Master Kelnacca (Joonas Suotamo) caught in the middle of a fierce Wookiee roar.